Children & Young Persons Support

Here to listen, not to tell

We provide a confidential service to all our patients, including under 16s.  This means that you can tell others about this visit, but we won’t. We are here to help and support you with all your physical and mental health needs without prejudice or judgment.

What is Confidentiality?

You can be sure that anything you discuss with any member of this practice -clinicians, receptionists and administrators – will stay confidential.

Even if you are under 16 nothing will be said to anyone – including parents, other family members, care workers or tutors – without your permission.  The only reason why we might have to consider passing on confidential information without your permission, would be to protect you or someone else from serious harm.   We would always try to discuss this with you first.

If you are being treated elsewhere – for example at a hospital or a young people’s centre – it is best if you allow the doctor or nurse to inform the practice of any treatment you are receiving.

If you have any worries about confidentiality, please feel free to ask a member of our team.

Services in the local area

Young Persons Flyer: Contains the contact details of many of the services described below in an MS Word document

Sussex CAMHS

This is the website for the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the Sussex area.

The Mix 

The Mix is the UK’s leading support service for young people. We are here to help you take on any challenge you’re facing – from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs.

Telephone: 0808 808 4994 

Facebook: @TheMixUK

Twitter: @themixUK 

Crisis Messenger: 


The Sussex Health and Care Partnership (SHCP) 

guide for the recently bereaved. This includes information and advice on practical requirements as well as listing available support for you at this time. 

Sussex bereavement helpline: 0300 111 2141 Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm.

YMCA Mediation Service

If there are arguments at home, we can help. The YMCA offers a safe space for 14 to 25 year olds to talk, mediate, listen and help you work things out. 

Telephone: 01273 624432 


Aged 25 or above? 



Allsorts Youth Project 

Allsorts is a project based in Brighton to support and empower young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. 

Telephone: 01273 721100 

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RU-OK? Young People's Substance Misuse Service 

ru-ok? works alongside under 18s whose lives are affected by substance misuse in Brighton & Hove. 

Telephone: 01273 293966 

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This leaflet from RU-OK? explains what can happen if you come into contact with the police for drugs offences. This can impact badly on your education, employment and travel for the rest of your life.

Young People, Drugs and the Law: A Guide

More Useful Websites

Just recently launched, provides mental health and wellbeing support to young people across Sussex. 

An A to Z of Brighton and Hove services for young people aged 12-25. 

Helpline and website for young people experiencing suicidal thoughts.

A wide range of on-line and telephone support for children and young people, including counselling up to the age of 19.

Designed by young people, tools to help someone prepare for the first time they visit the GP to discuss their mental health.

National children and young people’s mental health charity.

A service that will support someone suffering from an eating disorder or its symptoms. BEAT helps support people with eating disorders on their journey to recovery.