Repeat Prescriptions


Please allow three full working days (72 working hours) for prescription requests to be issued. Requests will be processed in order of submission. We do not accept prescription requests over the phone.


We recommend requesting medication 7 days before you are due to run out. You can contact your pharmacy to see when your medication is ready to collect.

Ordering Through The NHS App

It's simple and quick! It links directly to your prescription record at the practice.

It will show you a list of your repeat medication and dosages, to make the ordering process easier.

You simply need to select the items you need and click request.

You can also check on the status of the prescription, whether it has been approved yet or not.

You can get further information and download the app by clicking here.

If you don't have access to a smart device, it can also be accessed from desktop.

Ordering Through Patient Access

It's simple and quick! It links directly to your prescription record at the practice.

It will show you a list of your repeat medication and their dosages, to make ordering easier.

Simply select the items you need and click request.

It can be accessed from desktop or as an app on the IOS or Google Play store.

They have now introduced compulsory two-factor authentication using a third-party authenticator app (make sure to download one that is free!). This can be avoided if you use NHS log in to access the site instead.

You can find their instructional page with a how to video here.

By Post or By Hand

You can return the right hand side of your prescription to the surgery, indicating which items you would like to order. These can be obtained from your pharmacy- they may already give it to you when you collect your medication.

You can also write a request, making sure to include your full name, date of birth and the medication you need.

We also have paper request forms at ground floor reception that can be filled in.

All paper requests can be deposited in the prescription box to the right of our entrance so you can hand in your requests at any time. Alternatively, there is also the prescription box at ground floor reception.


All prescription requests for items not on your repeat list need to be in writing. They are not available to be ordered via the online services. These requests can take longer as they may require additional checks by the GP.

Your Pharmacy

Pharmacies may be able to help you order your medication. This is between you and the pharmacy, but please be aware that not all pharmacies offer this service.

If you have questions about your medicine, your local pharmacists can help you with these questions. They can also answer questions on medicines you can buy without a prescription.

As qualified healthcare professionals, pharmacists can offer advice on minor illnesses, without patients needing to see a GP. Community pharmacists will signpost patients to other local services where necessary. By expanding the services community pharmacies offer, the NHS is aiming to help free up GP appointments and give people more choice in how and where they access care.

Many pharmacies are open until late and at weekends. You do not need an appointment.

Most pharmacies have a private consultation room where you can discuss issues with pharmacy staff without being overheard.

Don't wait for minor health concerns to get worse – think pharmacy first and get seen by your local pharmacy team.
For more information, visit

Pharmacy First
Why 3 Working Days?

Allowing the practice 3 working days to process prescriptions ensures safe prescribing, all prescription requests need to be reviewed by you doctor.

Since the closure of the Prescription Ordering Direct service, we have received a great rise in demand of prescription processing for our prescription team- this time will help us to better manage the increased workload.

Collecting your prescription

You can usually collect your made up prescription from the pharmacy 3 to 5 working days after you have ordered it.

You will need to choose a pharmacy to collect your prescription from. We call this nominating a pharmacy.

You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time:

  • on the app or website where you order repeat prescriptions
  • at your GP practice
  • at any pharmacy that accepts repeat prescriptions

Find a pharmacy.

Prescriptions for the Contraceptive Pill

If you would like to talk about starting to take the contraceptive pill, please book an appointment to see a GP.

If you need a repeat prescription for the contraceptive pill, please book an appointment. Ask for a 'pill check' appointment to see a GP or Practice Nurse.

If you are going to run out of the pill before your 'pill check' appointment, please tell the reception team.


Medication reviews

If you have a repeat prescription, we may ask you to come in for a regular review. We will be in touch when you need to come in for a review.

Alternatively your Pharmacy will receive notifications from us if you are due a review. 


Prescription charges

Find out more about prescription charges (

What to do with old medicines

Any Pharmacy in England can dispose of any medications for you. Please do not dispose of any medication in your household bin. 

Any needles or sharps can be disposed by your local council. Please contact us to receive more information on how to contact your local council service.

Electronic prescription service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from.

What does this mean for you?

You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because they can be collected from a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.

For further information on:

  • Choosing a pharmacy or other dispenser
  • Cancelling or changing your choice of pharmacist or dispenser
  • What can I do if I'm unhappy with the process?

Go to Electronic prescriptions

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

The Electronic Repeat Dispensing service is a convenient way to collect prescriptions.

You won't have to re-order or collect your repeat prescriptions from the surgery every time you need more medicine.

You can simply collect your medicines at regular intervals for up to 12 months from your chosen chemist.

Please note that these prescriptions do not automatically renew. Once you have had the agreed amount for that time period (e.g three months), you will need to request your medication again using the methods outlined above.

More information can be seen in the downloadable document below.

What is Repeat Dispensing and how does it work?

Questions about your prescription

If you have questions about your medicine, your local pharmacists can help you with these questions.  They can also answer questions on medicines you can buy without a prescription.

The NHS website has information on how your medicine works, how and when to take it, possible side effects and answers to your common questions.

If you would like to speak to someone at the GP surgery about your prescription: 

Online Access Help

Having trouble with your online access account?

The NHS website has lots of update information and advice for patients.

The NHS App and Account team are also available for technical support.